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Latest Xiaomi Band 4 Review 2020 - AMAZ Review
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Latest Xiaomi Band 4 Review 2020 | Cheapest Fitness Tracker

To be one of the best in this competitive market, a fitness band must be exact and accurate in terms of reading data, from the user’s daily lifestyle and organizing it on the app itself. The Xiaomi band 4 has all the features and provides value for money experience. Xiaomi always brings the best available features from the market to its products for a very affordable price. Compared to the previous generations of MI band, the new upgrades to its hardware are display size and type, more activity support, touch screen support, a bigger battery as it features a coloured AMOLED display and Bluetooth has been upgraded from 4.2 to 5.0 and lots more huge upgrades while keeping the price very affordable.

Xiaomi band 4 is very cheap and affordable but packs in a lot of exclusive features and hardware. You have probably heard of Xiaomi fitness band series a lot starting from the very first Mi band 1 then Mi band 2 and the popular one band 3 from which mi band 4 is much more upgraded and compared more often. The tracking activity has improved a lot too, its really to suggest this fitness band easily, covering all the features and basics and advancing to the best fitness band.

The specification for Xiaomi band 4 is listed below:

  • Display: 0.95inch, 2.5D curved AMOLED touch screen panel (120 x 210 resolution) with 282 ppi
  • RAM: 512 KB (More than enough for its use)
  • Storage: 16 MB (For just storing its own data)
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 (Upgraded from 4.2 on the Mi band 3)
  • All the Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, Heart rate, Proximity
  • Battery: 135 mAh, Lithium-polymer (Non-Removable)
  • Protection: Water-resistance (IP68 – 5 ATM), Dust resistant, Anti-fingerprint coating on the screen
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both android (4.4 or above) and iOS (9.0 or above)
    Weight: 22.1 g
Mi band 4

About Mi Band 4 and its Features

There are two versions of Mi band 4 fitness watch as before, the global version which has all the features except Alipay and Xiao AI assistant, and the Chinese version which include all the features including Alipay and Xiao AI assistant. The Mi band connects with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronizes all the data including all the notification from Smartphone like messages, calls, emails, and all sorts of notification from apps you want to get notified, and the notification sync is instant meaning there is no delay with the help of Bluetooth (5.0). The customization for this watch is amazing, just connect with the Mi fit app on your phone, and you will be greeted with a lot of possible customizations you will not even find on top watches. To convince user with their needs here are a few:
  • Vibration: The vibration pattern can be customized with each notification so that you the which app it is without even waking the screen.
  • Watch faces: There are a wide variety of watch faces available in the Mi fit watch, you can even download watch faces from 3rd party apps.
  • Night mode: You can set a time mostly after sunset so that your Mi band 4 automatically lowers the screen brightness.
  • Music Player: You can control your Smartphones music by play, pause, next, previous and even change the volume as it does not have any built-in storage you cannot import songs in the watch.
  • Wrist motion: The Mi band 4 motion sensor can sense when you lift your wrist. As a result, it will automatically wake the screen for you, and you can schedule a fixed time for this feature to be active or else it might disturb you while you try to sleep.
  • DND (Do not disturb): This mode is very handy when you need to mute a lot of notifications as it can be done directly from the Mi band. Many fitness bands have this mode, but not all can be configured from the Fitness band.

The watch has a built-in alarm, and the vibration pattern for this can also be configured through the watch. There is also a “Find my Band” feature from the Mi fit app for both the Mi band 4 and your Smartphone. It features ‘Weather’ app too built-in the watch which syncs every time with your phone when you open the app on your watch. Being able to control music is one of the best features any smartwatch can have, although this a fitness band but the features are extraordinary, This mode is very useful as you do not have to take your phone out every time to change volume or music. Everything is within your watch.

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Mi Band 4 Sensors and other features

The Mi band 4 is packed with amazing sensors for which we get the ability to use unique features, the 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope sensor is very helpful and accurate for tracking steps and helps the watch to wake when the wrist is lifted making it feel like a normal wristwatch which is very handy.

The Mi band 4 also features sleep tracking, which is very accurate, its lightweight and slim making it easier to sleep with it while on hands. During our test for Mi band 4 review, we got very accurate and precise results compared to other fitness bands.

Xiaomi Band 4 Pros and Cons


  • Cheap and affordable price worldwide.
  • It has Built-in GPS
  • It has 20-40 days of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Great design with a premium rubber strap
  • Waterproof up to 5ATM
  • Built-in Weather app
  • Music and volume can be changed directly from the watch.


  • Small screen size
  • No USB or Type-C port present

Mi Band 4 Battery Life

All the Smartwatch and Fitness bands struggle a lot with when it comes to battery life, but the Mi band 4 features a 135mAh battery which may sound very less compared to other devices, but it is more than enough for this to deliver you a 20 to 40 days battery life depending on your type of usage. The usage varies a lot from user to user, but if you use it very lightly for just simple notifications and normal use, then you will get around 40 days backup or more. However, if you use if heavily turning on all the features available in the watch you may get around 20 days which Xiaomi claims officially. But then again everything depends on your type of usage starting from the watch faces, active activity tracking and basic usage.

Now about charging the Mi band 4, It has its own charging dock which comes with its box. You will need to pop out the Band from the strap and place it in the dock, and it will start charging, it charges very quickly as the battery capacity is just 135mAh. The watch does not have any USB or Type-C port, so you must charge only with the given charger with either connecting it with your laptop or just connect it to your wall charger.

About Mi Band 4 Fitness tracking and Activities

Tracking your steps with Mi Band 4 is very detailed and efficient when compared with other Fitness bands on a daily usage, and step tracking sensors are always active on the watch. On the backside of Mi band 4 lies the heart rate sensor which is in direct contact with your skin, you will have to configure the frequency for the heart rate sensor manually from your Mi fit app depending on when you need it.

Mi Band 4 will record your steps and distance when you are walking or running, and it will not record distance while you are inside the vehicle. While the Band is connected with your phone, it will use your phones GPS with your Bands GPS to give you as much location as possible. You cannot use other apps on the Mi band while doing a workout. But that is not an issue due to its amazingly affordable price point.

Mi Band 4

About Mi Fit app

The Mi band 4 has Bluetooth version 5.0, which helps for fast data transfer. It works with all Android phones running on Android 4.4 and above. For Apple devices, it supports devices running IOS 9.0 and above. To connect your watch, just download the Mi fit app from the ‘Google play store’ for Android users or ‘App Store’ for Apple users.

Mi fit app is the only app you need for pairing and setting up your Mi band 4, which is very simple, unlike other fitness bands which require multiple apps to do different things. Mi fit app shows you all the data your Mi band 4 collected from your lifestyle like the number of steps and how much you walked and all the activities you did throughout the day. It also shows how much you slept and the time you slept, including light sleep and deep sleep and suggests you how your sleep pattern was and how to improve it. 

The Mi fit app consists of 3 main menu – Workout (for all the activity details), Friends (To see how your friends are progressing) and ‘profile’ which shows all the Mi band 4 settings and app settings including your account you are signed in with. Under the workout menu, you have all your data organized by sub-menu ‘My status’ this menu contains all the workout or activities you did all day. The first activity is sleep data which shows you sleep pattern in detail, and Second is your heart rate (if you turned heart rate feature on), third we have a weight which you have to enter manually. 4th and 5th options are optional meaning if you have other Xiaomi product like Mi scale only then that will be activated.

The ‘My workout’ submenu is for your running, walking, jogging or how much calories you burnt and how much distance you travelled. You can set you out goals, and your workout history can be found on the ‘status’ menu, Mi fit gives you all the information in details even if it is for 1 minute. 

Although Mi fit app might seem new to you, it is very easy to navigate through the app so no need to worry about it, but if you already use another app like Google fit for your daily activity tracking, then it is good news as you can synchronize ‘Mi fit’ app with ‘Google fit’ app directly from the phone, once its synchronized all your data from Mi band app will be synced with Google fit app too.

Verdict on Xiaomi Band 4

The Mi band 4 packs in a lot of features, its main competitors like Fit bit and Samsung Galaxy Fit packs in same features but Mi band 4 cost ‘one-fourth’ the price of its competitors. That is an amazing deal for the features you get, and this Mi band 4 is recommended for all users those who are looking for a value for money product and a great fitness band.

As of today, the market it is difficult for manufacturers to equally maintain their products with the price due to a lot of factors, but Xiaomi is excellent at this. If you are not into Xioami products or did not like this watch, then you may increase your budget and go for a Fit bit or Samsung Galaxy Fit. 

With each progressing year, Xiaomi brings amazing products with great specifications and upgrades you will not even find on other fitness bands like its competitors. The upgrades mainly involve Screen improvement, bigger battery capacity, new design, more activities and features, hardware improvement for its button and the most important keeping its price affordable and cheap. If you are new to Fitness bands or you want to upgrade from your previous Mi band, then it is highly suggested that you consider this Xiaomi Band 4. Click HERE to check price now! 

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