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Willful Smartwatch The Best Smartwatch For Your Money? - AMAZ Review
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Willful Smartwatch The Best Smartwatch For Your Money?

Willful Smartwatch Review

Smartwatch technology has improved a lot in the past years, and it is a game-changer in every aspect. Thus, we bring you our best smartwatch and fitness band reviews. Do not forget to check our recent posts on exclusive amazon products. Willful Smartwatch also is known as Fitness tracker is a Smartwatch plus fitness band for our daily usage. Both Men and Women and kids can buy this product.

This Fitness tracker ensures value for money and has tons of amazing features included for a very affordable price, so let us Hover through its Specifications.

Willful Fitness Tracker

 Key Features:

  • 1.30" LCD Display
  • Notification Alert
  • 9 Sports Mode
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Stopwatch and Timer
  • Deep Breath Guide (Built-in)
  • Long Battery Life 
  • Control Music
  • Brightness Adjustability

Willful Fitness Tracker Specifications

Willful Smartwatch features a great 1.30inch, TFT LCD colour capacitive touch screen, which is excellent for viewing all activities from the smartwatch screen. The Fitness tracker has just one button to navigate through the activities and settings. The display can also be used to view notifications from your phone. To wake your Smartwatch screen just press the button on the side of your willful Smartwatch.

The watch has a built-in GPS to keep track of your location and accurate measure of certain activities like walking, running, jogging, and movement-based activity will be very accurate. Willful fitness tracker manual must be inspected thoroughly before usage. Willful Smart Band features tracking of 9 precise activities which includes Running, walking, Hike, Cycling, fitness, treadmill, yoga, Mountaineering. During exercises, if you run or burn calories, your Willful fitness tracker will connect with your phones GPS and give you working route, Convenient feature.

The Fitness tracker also has 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring which amazing and accurate as professional devices. The heart rate sensor will adapt to your settings and monitor every 5 minutes all day to show you as accurate data as possible. Realtime heart rate can be checked manually through Fitness tracker heart rate measuring app directly. You can also check for heart rate graphs based on your estimated data from the watch to ‘VeryFitPro’ app.

Sleep tracking is easier than ever, and Willful comes with auto sleep tracking and silent alarm vibration. Brilliant feature, it will monitor your sleep all night and give you statistics result based on your sleep pattern. Automatically sleep quality will be monitored with comfortable measures all day. Sleep tracking shows your light sleep, deep sleep and the number of times you were awake during the period and for how long it was, very detailed. The watch, however, records only sleep patterns for more than 3 hours. Vibration can be customized up to 10 different vibration patterns for both alarm and notifications or other things.

Recommended Fitness Tracker

Willful Fitness Tracker Notification Feature: 

When Willful Fitness Tracker is connected with your smartphone, you will be benefited with a lot of handy features. Some of which include getting call notification, Text messages, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Email, Calendar alerts and more apps alerts just being connected with your phone. The Smartwatch does not have any built-in speaker as it is IP68 water-resistant for swimming and water activities. The Willful Fitness band vibrates to notify you of any notifications of alarms or calls. Being IP68 watch water makes it dustproof too, which is an amazing thing in terms of lifetime calculation.

Willful Smartwatch

The battery of Willful Fitness tracker is excellent. How?

The super-long battery life of this IP68 watch can deliver you 10 days of battery life on a single charge, that is amazing to consider its price. Many top Smartwatch or Fitness trackers even do not have so much battery life. This watch has brightness adjustability, which helps conserve battery life. This has a standby of 30 days after a full charge, and charging takes 2.5 hours to charge the Fitness tracker to 100%. The watch comes with its own magnetic charger. The screen has 3 levels of brightness for you to choose from, and the screen is made to improve daylight visibility, and it works great, the screen can be seen clearly under sunlight.

Willful Smartwatch

Willful fitness tracker other features

Smartwatches with music controlling feature are great, and Willful fitness tracker has this great feature. You can control your phone's music on the go, or when your phone is charging or not in a usable state, Bluetooth headphones can be connected with your smartphone while willful fitness tracker is still connected. This will allow the watch to stay connected in the background and display notifications from the smartphone or Control your music.

The watch has another handy feature, built-in known as ‘Deep breath’. This guide helps you relax and improve your immune system. Follow the instructions from the app, take deep breaths; this will help you relax your body after an intensive workout.

Stopwatch and timer are handy apps too for a Fitness Band. All your valuable working activities and training will be recorded by the Fitness tracker and taken count accordingly. These features and apps of the fitness band are guaranteed to track and optimize the effects of training.

The Willful fitness tracker works with ‘VeryFitPro’ app, and the app is compatible with both android and iOS. Requirements are android must be (4.0 or above), and iOS must be (8.0 or above).

The verdict of willful fitness tracker

This is one of the best smartwatches and Fitness tracker for the price. This watch has IP68 water-resistant Rating, Built-in GPS, 10 days of battery life and tons of great features, and it is highly recommended you give this Fitness tracker. A chance to change your life with its amazing performance and features. And if you want more Fitness trackers then.

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