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Why Google Pixel 6 Pro? Everything You Need To Know- AMAZ Review
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Why Google Pixel 6 Pro? Everything You Need To Know

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is the firm's initial significant effort at a top-end phone that can tackle the absolute best smartphones presently on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Pro as well as iPhone 13 Pro Max. Launched together with the requirement-- and also considerably more affordable-- Google Pixel 6, this brand-new Pro variant is developed to be the greatest from the business, packing its brand-new Tensor chipset as well as various other premium internals, a fantastic cam configuration, and a range of various other improvements.

It's additionally created to be the excellent to display Android 12 and its future variations, and it's risk-free to claim that Google has nailed it with this model of its smartphone. The style of the Google Pixel 6 Pro is strikingly different-- although it's not one-of-a-kind, as it shares it with the Google Pixel 6-- with a cam band that extends the whole size of the phone and houses its effective brand-new electronic camera array. It's an appearance you'll either like or despise, as well as Google has actually combined the style with some vibrant shade selections for those who are bored of smartphones that resemble tiny grey rectangles.

Google's screen technology below is particularly excellent, and also we assure that this will be one of the most effective smart device display screens you've ever used. It supplies great picture top quality, the brightness levels are constantly impressive, and it's substantial at 6.7 inches. The brand-new Tensor chipset inside the Pixel 6 Pro is one more standout feature. We have yet to see it deliver any significant improvements over phones that make use of even more conventional chipsets, yet it's still quickly effective adequate too up your preferred apps as well as games, which's what actually matters.

The Pixel 6 Pro's video camera configuration is another highlight; it's a versatile variety that enables you to catch a wide range of subjects in a couple of various methods. The main cam's sensor is a step up from what we've seen from Google prior to, as well as brand-new software application upgrades just increase the experience. The Pixel 6 Pro's battery life is passable-- it'll see you with a full day of regular usage, yet very little more. It features cordless and fast-charging billing technology, yet neither of these are impressive.

While the Pixel 6 Pro is not the best smartphone cash can purchase right now, it comes rather close. Google has actually stepped up its mobile phone game in the last year, and this next-gen Android headliner is its crowning achievement. A particularly strong electronic camera, a great software application as well as a wonderful display experience all amount to a truly top-tier plan. It doesn't have the absolute best battery life or power, but all those minor shortcomings apart, the Pixel 6 Pro finally makes Google take its area at the mobile phone sector's top table.


The Google Pixel 6 mobile phones look noticeably various to many existing phones, with the horizontal cam strip taking up a large part of their rears. It's one of the most impressive element of the design, as well as it's an obtained taste, as well as something that's specific to separate opinion. The bigger element is the biggest you will locate on a phone that's smaller than 6 inches. That's how large the screen really is, as well as it exceeds 5.5"– an enormous measurement in itself with those dimensions kept under wraps until launch time! It looks fantastic (be warned: there are no gaps or borders) and we're able to only hope that its resolution isn't merely 1080p HD+ as lots of makes currently. As I found with the Pixel 3 XL, the camera itself occupies more than half its tail. The one-piece lens at f/1.8 features an optical zoom (2x!) and also can aid in low light conditions when using a night mode or else sound booster to improve overall performance.

Otherwise it's as great in day time likewise, offering sharp details and bright colours on our standard test mobile as well as onto dark adaptation tests into The Honor View 20 is the very first phone that Huawei has actually created with a notched display. This does raise some reservations, but it makes sense for these type of phones due to the fact that there's a great deal more area available after traveling up from almost 6"-6.5" and also you'll have no problem seeing important information on screen when using multiple instances (our brightness levels are maintained consistently at 50% throughout tests).


The Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch QHD+ display, which is very suitable and huge as well as offers crisp image high quality-- the resolution of 1440 x 3120 is a sharp step up compared to 2020's Pixel 5 and also its 1080 x 2340 display. We experienced it to be one of the sharpest-looking screens we've seen on a mobile phone in 2021. It has 512 pixels per inch which is a rarity on smartphones with QHD displays, and also we've only seen it beaten by mobiles like the Sony Xperia 1 III with its 4K screen.

There are also AMOLED support with larger touch response as well as you can toggle the always-on display on or off, if it's not your style. I've been impressed by Huawei's implementation here, which functions fairly flawlessly day and night; there is a minimal delay in responsiveness when resting my finger near the home button to turn it on or completely turn over attention off-- compared with other options like Apple's approach that reacts. Huawei's solution additionally comes with a decision now to increase the maximum brightness from 400 nits during regular (non-super) conditions, and also outlast that amount of by 5 high-intensity minutes thanks to its AMOLED screen.

It is an impressive achievement compared with common standouts like the Huawei P20 Pro or OnePlus 6T as well as it provides you excellent reading alternatives in sunlight, though it shrinks down ground visibility. Sunlight readability was an especially great check, we noticed no much less than 50 percent of the pixels having a complete black circle in center. Outdoors, you can't replace any kind of extra brightness adjustment-- which will be ideal for those who live at sea level or wish to prefer their gadgets when driving.
The Pixel 6 Pro's display is made with Gorilla Glass Victus as well as its AMOLED build and color profile really shine when it comes to producing good views in sunlight, and also I could especially appreciate the decreased risk of suffering from skin cancer cells.


Google's smartphones are constructed around the company's cam technology, and theoretically the camera arrangement in the Pixel 6 Pro looks like the most effective from the company yet, with a 50MP broad camera, a 12MP ultrawide electronic camera and also a 48MP telephoto shooter.

The bright side is actually that the company has actually developed an additional effective electronic camera arrangement below, and we've located it to be far more functional than on previous Pixel phones, with more choices to play around with.

We'll start by talking about the electronic camera tech, yet the software application right here is another emphasize, as well as something you will not experience on any other current phones-- although we may see Google roll a few of these features out to older Pixel phones, while we might see various other brand names imitate them on future tools.

The 50MP main shooter on the google pixel 6 pro, which has an f/1.9 aperture as well as 1.2 µm pixels is the camera you'll likely be utilizing most. We found that it was able to take high-res photos with excellent information as well as true-to-life colors.

It's an impressive point-and-shoot video camera, as well as we found that it supplied excellent lead to a selection of scenarios.

Evening Sight, which enables you to obtain excellent photos in darker setups, returns here. This resembles the Google Pixel 5's capability to brighten dark scenes, yet you'll require to keep the cam still for this to completely function.

The telephoto camera is also capable of up to 4 times optical zoom, and in testing we discovered that it created detailed pictures of distant topics. Once again you'll need to maintain the phone still for the best results, but that's the case with all telephoto modes.

The Google Pixel's Night Sight mode, which really works by using artificial-intelligence to detect the significant difference in shades produced when needed light is missing, has actually returned with a few new features. It can now recognize more scenarios-- yet it has actually rapidly regarded as one of our most preferred camera setups provided that we have very first utilized it on previous stuff like the Google Nexus 6P and also Huawei P9. It could not function on the even more inexpensive Google Pixel 3.

You can set various other modes which you shoot with this camera, and they may eat a little while to load since they go into the SD card's "storage" folder in addition to your regular photo roll. As compared to previous pixel units has included different kinds of tricks that work as filters/masks: best looks neat, delightful photographs could be located above others (that will be added with a timer), and so on.

Performance and specs

The Pixel 6 Pro is the initial phone from the firm to operate on Google's own silicon rather than Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets. The chipset below is called Google Tensor.

The believing behind Tensor is that a cpu made as well as constructed by Google itself can be better optimized to collaborate with the business's phone hardware and software for a much better overall experience - which great news is that the chip is plenty powerful, otherwise one of the most powerful on the marketplace.

In benchmarking, the Pixel 6 Pro returned a typical multi-core rating in Geekbench 5 of 2760. That's way behind the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra's 3440, the OnePlus 9 Pro's 3685 as well as the iPhone 13 Pro Max's 4549.

Benchmarking isn't necessarily reflection of real-world use though, and also we discovered the phone was capable of running all the apps as well as games that we wanted it to. The whole experience was very smooth, and it always felt like the phone had sufficient power behind it.

Don't let those benchmarking ratings place you off because the Google Pixel 6 Pro is still a very powerful phone, and the Tensor chipset isn't a poor selection.

The Pixel 6 Pro is disappointingly just available in 128GB or 256GB versions in the UK (a 512GB design is readily available somewhere else, such as the United States as well as Australia). Considering that this is the brand's first actual attempt at a top-tier phone, with lots of high-end specifications in other places, we would certainly have liked to see the option of 512GB extra widely available, and even 1TB of storage space for real power users.

There's additionally no microSD support below, which isn't a surprise, but would have minimized the storage problem.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is 5G-ready, so you'll have the ability to attach to next-gen connect with this smartphone, coverage and your strategy permitting. Things are a little complex if you stay in the US, but in the rest of the world any version or variant of the Pixel 6 Pro will certainly be ready to function fully perfect straight away.

If you live in the US then the 5G coverage offered to you will certainly rely on where you acquire your mobile phone. At Google's own shop you can only buy a handset that has Sub-6 5G modern technology.

At the time of creating, purchasing from AT&T or Verizon will obtain you a version that comes with mmWave technology built-in. This is something worth investigating before you purchase your handset, mmWave innovation is currently much more widespread in the US.


3 years OS of updates, five years of security updates

Both the pixel phones are the very first phones to deliver with Android 12. Given, Google made Android 12 available to older Pixels on the day the Pixel 6 family released, but the new hardware is the first to include the fresh OS out of the box and numerous features are unique to Google's newest phones.

Android 12 is a wholly revitalized variation of Android. You can check out all the major brand-new features right here. For the functions of this review, we'll concentrate on brand-new features particular to the Google Pixel 6 Pro-- and there are lots of those.

Initially, we'll cover some fundamentals. Android 12 embraces Google's brand-new Material You style language. The design style UI looks and feels more personal. It depends on matching system colors to those discovered on your primary wallpaper. For example, pick a blue-dominant wallpaper and your icons, graphics, and such will have a blue tint to them. It's subtle, however sprinkled throughout the OS it builds up. I like the nice cohesiveness of this new color-matching scheme but not everyone does.

The most obvious attention to detail is the analog clock widget, which has an entire brand-new shape. You'll also notice many of the widgets have rounder corners and, in keeping with the color style, numerous embrace the base colors found throughout the rest of the OS.

The Quick Settings and all the Settings menus have been offered a visual overhaul. I particularly love the new Quick Settings menu, which has much bigger and easier-to-toggle buttons. The greatest modification to the Settings menu is the brand-new, larger font choice from Google and the increased spacing for much easier one-handed use. It works for me.

Like many Pixel phones before, the Pixel 6 Pro has a handful of software features that aren't readily available on other Android phones, a lot of which are enabled or increased by the Google Tensor processor. Let's take them one at a time.

Calling Assistance: Google has boosted Google Assistant's capability to lower the discomfort of ensuring types of call, such as to companies that have complicated choice trees or long haul times. The Pixel 6 Pro can generally tell you information about when business numbers are at their busiest, that allows you to decide when is finest to make the call. The tool lets you see a whole week's worth of business hours. It works pretty well.

Direct My Call: This feature visualizes the choice tree with all the numbered choices defined on the screen like: (press one to leave a voicemail, press no for the operator, and so on) It works pretty well, too, though I observed choice trees that have a lot of options don't always reveal whatever. It really depends on the clearness of the recording on the very other end of the line.

Hold For Me feature: Using this tool, you can set the phone to sit on hold for you leaving you complimentary to focus on something else while waiting to speak to somebody. Google states the tool is smart enough to discriminate in between a documented voice message (for instance, "Your call is important to us, please continue to wait") and a real operator or company agent. I tried it a number of times with combined success. These functions aren't ideal, however they can be genuinely handy and reduce the pain points of calling some businesses.

You can say "Hey Google, type ..." and google assistant will launch the microphone and transcribe your speech (when in the Google Messages app). I use voice typing a lot more than typing and I can say that these tools and A.I. are a bit better on the Pixel 6 Pro than on the Pixel 5.

It works best in media and messages apps, or when using the electronic camera and the interpreter mode. In the Android Messages (and a host of third-party messaging apps), you can get messages in another language and have them equated immediately upon receipt. Many of these functions need some degree of making adjustments to the settings menu, downloading numerous languages ahead of time, and comparable.

Recorder: Google's Recorder app, which is incredible at transcribing phone calls or conferences, now works in German and Japanese. That's great news, but Google has a long way to go on language adoption for other areas.

New Assistant phrases: There are new interesting quick phrases for using Assistant that do not need the "Hey, Google" catchphrase, such as while answering or declining calls. This is nice, but we require a significantly expanded list of these actions because stating "Hey, Google" is still exceptionally awkward.

Don't get me wrong, Although this is personal preference I really appreciate them, they do work as meant, and certainly they'll help a terrific lots of people in their daily lives. Thanks to Google Tensor, many of the language processing takes place on the gadget rather than in the cloud.

Last, we have to discuss the update circumstance. Google states the Pixel 6 Pro will receive three years of full OS-level updates and a minimum of five years of all the security updates. With that said, it at least matches the very best you can get on any Android phone, while the guarantee of 5 years of security spots is the best you can get.

The criteria here is still Apple, however, which supports iPhones for around 6 years for both platform upgrades and security updates. Considering it is now relocating to customized hardware, Google should remain in business of supporting its own phones for the exact same length of time.

Battery life

Battery life is among the weaker components of the Pixel 6 Pro, although not to the level that it must put you off buying this mobile phone. We discovered the battery would last for a full day of normal usage, however you might struggle to make it to the very end of the day if you're pressing your phone harder.

For instance, we found the phone had around 10% remaining at the end of each day when we went to charge it. So this isn't the sort of phone that is going to last you numerous days, unless you're a particularly light user.

If you're pressing your phone harder, for example utilizing GPS features, or shooting great deals of video, you might discover you need to top it up prior to completion of the day.

The battery capability is 4,905 mAh, which seems ideal for a smart device of this size. Google also states you're able to eke out 2 days of use using its Extreme Battery Saver mode. We've yet to evaluate that, and we don't think you'll have the ability to do a lot with the smartphone because mode, but it'll likely come in useful in an emergency.

There is also fast-charging here, although it's not as fast as you'll get with some other Android phones. It peaks at 30W, with the phone able to charge from no to 50% in around 30 minutes. In our screening, we discovered a 30W battery charger was able to take the phone from a zero to 20% in almost 15 minutes, and to 40% in 30 minutes.

That's utilizing a charger ranked for 30W, so if you want higher speed you'll need to invest in one. There is absolutely no charger of any description in the box, so you'll need to utilize an existing USB-C charger or buy one separately or just stick to wireless charging.

The Wireless charging on this phone is supported up to 23W, and while we weren't able to strike that speed throughout our screening, if you've got a compatible charging pad you need to anticipate to be able to totally charge your phone in around an hour and a half.

Should you bug Pixel 6 Pro or the Pixel 6?

The stepdown version $599 (₤ 599, AU$ 999) Pixel 6 loads the exact same Tensor processor and also the lovely Android 12 software for $300 less than the Pro, but there are a couple of compromises it makes in order to come to that more affordable price.

It has a smaller sized and lower resolution 6.4-inch display that lacks the curving skill of the Pro. Its battery is smaller, it has 8GB instead of 12GB of RAM and it lacks the 4x telephoto zoom lens found on the Pro.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch display screen while the Pixel 6's procedures 6.4 inches.

But it's still an excellent phone that's well worth thinking about. It supplies a lot of the very same benefits of the Pixel 6 Pro at a much lower price, especially if you don't care about the top-end performance used by the flagship. As my associate Patrick Holland put it in his review of the phone, "For the price, I can't consider a much better phone to suggest right now."

Google Pixel 6 Pro review: The verdict

Google has actually never quite managed to provide a pure winner with its line of Pixel smart devices. Each model has suffered some little issue holding it back all the time. With the Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google has come very close as it ever needs to calling in the ideal mix of type, functions, and functionality to appease fans of flagship phones.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro has a metal-and-glass build with high-quality materials. It has a large, stunning display screen that's intense, fast, and pixel rich. Google's Android 12 tweaks which is just for the Pixel 6 Pro can be useful if you do not mind investing some time climbing up the short knowing curves.

The Pixel 6 Pro's weaknesses are very few and far between, but they do exist. In addition, the Google Tensor processor isn't rather up to par with the performance of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 when pushed to its limitations. Now, it's close enough, but this could vary and matter more the longer you hold onto the Pixel 6 Pro if Google's device learning can't balance out the CPU performance delta long-term.

True fans of Google Pixel phone have actually already placed their orders. If you're a buyer who wants honest opinion, we can tell you that Google produced an exceptional, extremely competitive mobile phone in the Pixel 6 Pro.