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Latest Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review 2020 - AMAZ Review
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Latest Xiaomi Electric scooter Review | Expert Review 2020

Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi MI electric scooter

We need something to help us solve the travel issues. In the past few weeks, We saw a new unopened Mi’s electric skateboard on the local internet for sell. We are considering people who live in an apartment without an elevator and can take the electric skateboard easily on the floor. So we decided to review this one.

Appearance and Build Quality

Box of the product: the appearance of the product In the folded state, the products of MI always look good. The side of the product has a simple design style, and the matte shell is beautiful. The battery case is at the bottom of the pedal. Compared with the similar product with battery case on the top, the centre of gravity is lower, and it is not easy to tilt forward due to the emergency brake.

The 8.5-inch inflatable tires are solid and stable, and the compact pedal support angle is just right. Charger parameters, input 100-240V; 2.0A output 42V-1.7A, 80W maximum output power. Side dimension drawing, the height is 49cm in the folded state, and the chassis height is 9cm.14.3cm wide pedal is enough to put any person's foot, and the 43cm handle can't be folded and still takes a lot of space when put it into a car.

The bell's wrench buckles the tab of the rear wheel cover when folded. It is a very subtle design. We don't know if this design is durable enough for years usage. Taillight at night is very bright, and maximum 45° steering range of the front is minimal, and the steering is not very flexible. The speed must be slow down before turning. Specially bought an inflator with a barometer to maintain sufficient tire pressure for subsequent testing.

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Electric Scooter


1. Good shape and fashion design. The fold is firm and smooth. The whole car is      about 12kg.
2. It does attact a lot of attention.
3. The emergency brakes are outstanding, and even reach the officially claimed        4m braking distance on the asphalt road.
4. The distance of the night light is far enough, the rear light is always bright            and humanized, and the reflective strip on the side adds a safety.
5. Android's app comes with a lock function. Of course, there is a need to buy a        chain lock to lock the rear wheel.
6. The vehicle's center of gravity is low, making it easier to maintain balance            when encountering various conditions while driving.


1. Bluetooth connection is easy to disconnect. Can not record data in the                  backstage.
2. The tire is not durable. Note: Due to the short use time, I have not found this      problem yet, but according to the significant Cetizens, temporarily put it in        the shortcoming column, there will be a follow-up article about this.
3. The size is large compared to a similar product; the handle can not be folded,      taking up a lot of space.
4. The front swing angle is small, and the steering is not flexible. Be sure to              slow down at the corner and pay more attention.
5. Less accurate distance display. The actual battery life is not long, only 20km.
6. The throttle handle design is terrible, and you will feel sour if you press it            with your thumb for a while.
7. According to the official statement, it can not work during raining.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Speed Test

The speed test is mainly based on the real-time speed displayed by the MI‘s app. Use the average value of 2 trails. The results are as follows: It can be seen from the above that in the power saving mode, the speed can reach 19km/h in different road conditions, and in the normal mode, the speed can reach 25km/h. This speed is more than enough in the city.

Battery Life

This test has been run on 4 different road conditions (after all, there is no road long enough that can support to drive so far), the driving distance was recorded in real-time in the MI‘s App and Mi’s movement APP. To be more accurate, We also use a third-party map APP for recording. After a few hours of continuous driving, your feet might get numb, and the test results are as follows.

It can be seen that the 30km battery life (officially claimed) is absolutely impossible to achieve during actual use, but reaching 20km is not difficult. When the road is nice, and the tire pressure is sufficient, reaching 22km is not impossible. The battery performance is enough to make travel in the city. Of course, the actual driving distance depends on various factors such as weight, temperature, and wind speed. The conditional factors in our test are mentioned at the beginning of this Review.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Charging Speed

The charging test is performed when the device is open with Bluetooth, making it easy to read real-time data at any time. The interval of reading is very random. But it is very coincident that this charging test is from 0%-100% exactly 300 minutes (5 hours).

In the 50-60% period, the charging speed is significantly reduced, and the charging speed is similar to 90-100%, we don't know if there is any connection with the double row arrangement of the battery.

Braking Distance

This brake distance test is based on 4 road conditions and tested in 4 modes. The speed is 19km/h in the power saving mode and 25km/h in the normal mode. Because the inertia of the stall sliding is too large, it is impossible to wait until the speed drops to 0km/h and then record. We took the speed of the free-sliding down to 2km/h, which is just the case that people can stop in one foot. For manual braking, the vehicle will stop at 0km/h before recording.

The test results are as follows: For naturally stalling and slowing down, the distance in power saving mode is around 20m, and the normal mode is up to 30m. Thanks to energy recovery + front wheel magnetic brake + rear wheel disc brake, the sudden braking distance are quite satisfactory, and the brake distance can be controlled around 5-6m. And on the asphalt road, the distance of the sudden braking is shorter than other road conditions, and the brake control is excellent.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Other Functions and Features

1. Climbing a slope. The short slope of one or two hundred meters at 10 degrees can be overcome in power-saving mode, but it will gradually slow down and stop in a longer or a steeper slope.

2. In our view, the bumping feeling are sorted as (from big to small): Rubber Road > Asphalt Road > Smooth Sidewalk > Cement Road.

3. However, in combination with the above data(speed, battery life, braking distance, etc.), the rank of a suitable road (high to low): rubber road > asphalt road > smooth sidewalk > cement road.

4. Night illumination distance, the illumination distance can reach to 5 meters in front of the device, enough for night city travel. And the night-time rear lights can also be set to be continuously lit to ensure the safety of night travel.

5. It is essential to talk about the Bluetooth connection, the app is excellent, and the available functions are interesting, but the disconnection problem is pronounced. Run the Mi app in the backstage will lead to disconnection. It must be used in the foreground.

6. The app has its lock function. When the device is locked, the massive resistance can any push and stop the machine, also a dripping sound will appear. It is a kind of anti-theft measure, and you will surely love it.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Verdict and Recommendation

Xiaomi MI electric scooter is still very worth buying. It has a simple, stylish appearance which can help you grab the attention of others in the crowd. Fast acceleration, Great speed, convenient while folding, and it’s easy to get a start, just take it and go. One point that you may care about is that if you are driving for a long time, it can make your legs very tired. So it is suitable for car owners who need short-distance travel.

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